bug report (Axis Empires 14.0 module) with V 3.4.6

In this game there are cards that are selected to be played on a later turn. The preselected cards are inverted so that they cannot be seen. When using VASSAL 3.2.17 dragging an inverted card does not reveal its identity, it simply says “Axis Option Card” or the like. When the same card is dragged in 3.4.6 the card name shows up in the log, as if the card were showing its front side up.

Running Windows 10 Intel i7 CPU @ 2.8 GHz * Gb RAM

Thanks for the report. I have opened a bug report for this issue and will look into it.

Could you please send me a log file that demonstrates the problem? I don’t know the game or the module.

Will need to send to you offline. you can e-mail me at aflywentby@yahoo.com

We have a build for you to try. Does VASSAL-3.4.7-SNAPSHOT-8ac71c25f fix the problem?


Just downloaded and installed 3.4.7 release version. The bug appears to be cured. Thanks!

Excellent! Thanks for the report and the testing.