Bug: Sub-Menu Button appears on Toolbar

In the C&C Napoleonics v4.0.6 module I have defined two LoS threads. The buttons for each are contained in a Toolbar Menu.
The normal appearance of the toolbar is:

with the toolbar beneath the LoS button showing as:

In an online game, just as my opponent selected one of the LoS menu items (Private, I think); one of the buttons appeared also in the main toolbar as well as being in the toolbar menu (see below). This condition persisted, even after the LoS was turned off and then to the end of the game.
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Module: C&C Napoleonics v4.0.6 (at time of posting this is the current release).

Main Map / LoS threads x 2 and Los Toolbar menu.

I am not sure if this was a one-off glitch or a more reproducible problem. I don’t recall seeing it before in the several online games that I have played with the module since introducing the LoS toolbar menu. However, I have only recently started using the module with Vassal v3.6.

Are you certain the other player was using the same version of the module and VASSAL? I’ve found a lot of weird errors like that are due to mismatched versions…

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Thanks @jrwatts. I’d better re-check. My opponent was definitely using the same module version but may have been using Vassal v3.6.2 rather than v3.6.3 which I was using.

UPDATE: Opponent was using Vassal 3.6.2. I was using v3.6.3.

Methinks there is a FEATURE REQUEST here…

Given the potential for problems if mismatches occur, IMHO Vassal should check and report if there is a mismatch between Vassal version and/or module version…

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Not what you are asking for, but if you select ‘Show Profile’ for a user in a room, you do get the Vassal and module versions and a module checksum, so you can manually check this when online without having to depend on the other user(s).

Unfortunately, if you’re using an extension, the checksum doesn’t take that into account, so it’s impossible to know if everyone’s using the same version of the extension. (I’ve run into this exact problem before).

I’ve just had a look at the code and that checksum is supposed to in be calculated over all extensions as well as the module. Could be a bug, I will investigate.

I just double-checked, and Terraforming Mars shows the exact same checksum whether I enable the Colonies extension or not. I’ll go ahead and open an issue, since you say that’s not how it’s supposed to work.

Already done: Checksum displayed in 'Show Profile' does not include Extensions · Issue #11071 · vassalengine/vassal · GitHub :slight_smile:

Oops…guess I’ll mark mine as a duplicate of yours, then. :sweat_smile:

I would suggest that if a player joins a room, Vassal compares the information shown in the player profiles and echoes a warning message to the chat log. Seems like the infrastructure is already there…

WARNING - MISMATCH in Vassal Engine versions
WARNING - MISMATCH in Module versions
WARNING - MISMATCH in module checksum