Bug v3.4.6 ? Extension issue

I have loaded an extension into a module that is working on v3.4.6. I was able to load the extension into the editor, change it’s title/version and save back. However, with the Extension loaded, I can’t do a Refresh Counters.

Two example cases :

  1. Open a scenario that is part of the core module. Loads fine but Refresh Counters gives this error message :
    “This module has GamePiece Id allocation issues that prevent games from being Refreshed. This module must be edited and then saved using Vassal 3.3.3 or later to resolve the problems.”
    This error does not happen if there extension is not loaded.
    Also, as mentioned, I did already do the edit and save with the extension file.

  2. Open a scenario that is part of the extension, it loads fine but also gives this warning:

  • This game was saved with extension ‘CCN_Fansscenarios_3’ loaded. You do not have this extension loaded. Place the file into the ‘/Users/Mark/OneDrive/C&C Napoleonics/v3.43 WIP/CCN v343_ext’ folder to load it
    Note: The folder does exist and the extension file is there!
    I then try to do a Refresh Counters and get the same error message as in case(1).

Any suggestions or is this a bug perhaps ?


Still having this issue in v3.4.10.

I can use the Extension but Refresh Counters won’t work.