Bug with zone grids introduced with 3.4.10

I have a map with “multiple boards” selected, and arranged to display a “Top” and “Bottom” board.

On both boards I have defined different rectangular grids, with “show grid” turned on.

The zone grid defined in the “Bottom” board is picked up at run time, but as soon as you save and reload the module the “Bottom” board reverts to showing the grid from the “Top” board. You need again to enter the grid editor and click “edit grid” to show it properly. But then you save, close and restart and it’s back showing the wrong grid.

I backtracked and found that this bug appears from version 3.4.10.

Ok, I have made a module to demonstrate the issue:

[attachment=0]test showgrid.vmod[/attachment]

There are just two identical 600x300 boards on the same map. When you run the module the same identical grid from the first board (50x50) shows. However, the second board’s grid should be 100x100.

I found that the issue is related to the background color: it the boards stop having the same background color (like “undefined” or white) they will show properly even after saving and reloading.

This is a bug starting with 3.4.10.

Thanks for the bug report and minimal example exhibiting the problem. Try VASSAL-3.4.13-SNAPSHOT-bug13915-cbd9010f3:


That fixed it, thanks!

Thanks for testing. The fix will appear in 3.4.13.