Bugs (?) with Turn Counter

Trying to add a turn counter in a module using 3.5.1

Bug #1: Define using “counters” - turn increments correctly (click +), but doesn’t decrement (click -)
If using this approach, I need to define 1 counter for every turn (e.g., Sept-Oct 1939, Nov-Dec 1939)…

Bug #2 Define using “list” typing in list of items field - first character is accepted, then field changes to “Description”. The List functionality doesn’t appear to work properly…
If using this approach, I think I can define a “month” field and a “year field” which can be incremented/decremented separately…
I thought I could use this to create a “month” (which loops) list and a “year” list, but it doesn’t appear to work…

Still puzzling thru it… Any help appreciated…

Also, I thought I recalled that it was possible to “dock” the turn counter in the button bar… This doesn’t appear to work and there is no option in properties to do this…

There is a bug in the multi-line configurers (the ones where you add and remove Strings, like the List of Items) that is affecting a wide range of Editor dialogs.

This will be fixed in version 3.5.2, or you can safely revert to 3.5.0 in the interim.


If you’d like to confirm that the bugs are fixed, you could try the VASSAL-3.5.2-SNAPSHOT-d841793fc test build: vassalengine.org/~uckelman/tmp/

Confirmed - this bug is fixed in snapshot

Additional usability things noted:

  1. when adding a list item w/ “+” key you have to manually click on the new list field, it doesn’t automatically focus on it
  2. the TAB key also doesn’t jump you to the list entry

Good suggestion, I will add that in.

That has accessibility implications. Tab is, by default, moving between active components in the Dialog. This includes all of the buttons in the dialog. This allows you to navigate and interact with the UI without using a mouse. If Tab just jumped between input fields, the dialog can only be used with a Mouse.