Button Draw Specific Card

I’m trying to have a button from map “Active” draw a specific card from a deck on map “Monster”.
I already have everything I need to draw from the deck in “Monster”, the issue is that I sometime need to draw a specific monster.
Currently when that happen I simply go to the “Monster” map and right-click select specific card to bring the proper card to the top then use my button to automate the rest.
I wanted to know if it was possible have a separate button that would actually search the deck for the specific monster card.


I think the way I would approach this is for that specific card to have a Send To Location trait. Then you have a global key command and button to send that specific card (specified by a marker) to a specified location. I am not sure how well that would scale with your game, and getting it to work is harder than it sounds. I could get to work, but I would start at the button end and just get it to send a test message to the chat window. Then I would gradually extend it till I got to that specific card.

Thx slimy…
I really should have though about that.
now I just need to clean the code to test to see if that monster is still in the deck or not before trying to draw it.