C&C ancients improvements wanted

Im a user with a long history of playteting for other online clients, but only recently started trying to learn vassal. Here are some desired improvements for my first played moduel, C&CA.

1-‘currently selected unit’ is hard to see with a black border on counters, use yellow highliting?
2-use sub menus or dividers and/or put seldom used options in counter rc menu to bottom,
ie: clone/delete/change label. move retreat marker up to rest (bottom) of markers
3-enable rc menu on decks, add ‘draw x’ option
4-autotile card hand menu, into left centre right and other groups
5-clicking and holding button down on a card should bring it forward, letting go should put it back
6-switch position of deck with discard pile in C&CA to make the last played card more visible when keeping charts and hand windows open.
7-dblclick on card to play/autosend to discard (rather than requiring player to click and drag as some prefer opponents to do currently)…or have it autogo to discard pile after a short delay?