Caesar Alesai Avalon Hill

Currently desperately seeking PBEM opponents fro caesar Alesia. I could be talked into playing the 3rd Reich.

Hello Jack, played game many years ago, have looked for it once in a while but never found it again. So, I do not have rules but may be able to give it a go. Assuming rules are available. PM me if so, thanks Greig

I’d be interested as well. Although I got my butt kicked in the game about a month ago.

Regards, Jeff

I am new here tell me how we go from talking about playing a game to playing one. I am not bloodthirsty just badly in need of a gaming fix.

very simple, if there is a mod you just start up the game mod with a set-up of choice and send turns back and forth pbem or get on-line through server and play live. i understand basic rules however not fresh until re-read. looked at vassal mod for game and seems pretty basic, not sure if have to load 'set-up ’ mods or not. Perhaps the counter set has a set-up limit included or you would have to know exact number of units . Most counter buttens allow you to pull the same unit out to map forever so you must have a known amount to use. Most mods for that matter have a set-up or scenario start as well.
Will continue to read rules.

So 2 days have gone by and what happens? I find a dusty old copy of game in 2nd hand game store, go figure. will now for sure be looking for opponents soon.