Caesar Alesia AH

Looking for my FIRST vassal game and one of my favs from when I was a kid!

I will even take defense and play the Romans. Any Gauls out there want to make a run at the ramparts??..

You know, it’s my new year’s resolution to acquire and play this game; I do have the rules already. But I’m too busy now and will be for some months. I’ll bookmark this and maybe get back to you in the spring. And if you come to the Wash DC area with a day to kill, let me know :smiley:

Hello Dave, (says Hal)
I too am just beginning to explore this site and learn enough to play a game.
I too played Alesia back in the day.
I am too tied up at the moment to start this but I will keep this thread marked so when I can spare the time I will get back with you.
God luck on your first game!

Hi guys
I would be willing to play.

I just finished (after I saw this post) my version of ‘Caesar at Alesia’.

If you people are going to play, I could use feedback on my version.
I always need beta testers, I am sure somewhere I made at least 1 spelling error.
Or use the wrong graphic for a piece.

Here is a link to the module … pXVoxW5UKr

Thanks in advance for any feedback (good or bad)


I have gotten the Alesia Module downloaded and am working through the mechanics of how it works.
It seems though that Vassal does not enforce the movement rules.
So I need to look at the game Rules.
Do any of you have a .pdf of the Game Rules for Alesia you could share?
My boardgame is in storage - I am building a house -so I wont see them for another couple of months.

A rules pdf is on BoardGameGeek here: … tle-alesia

Down the page under “Files.”

No, Vassal doesn’t enforce movement rules (for any that I’ve played anyway).

Thank you!! Just seeing that Rulebook brings back memories.
I look forward to playing this again after I get familiar with Vassal Engine and these rules.

How is Missile/Fort fire dealt with since it occurs during the Gaul’s turn?

It would be tough unless you were talking live.

Thanks guys, guess I should have asked that anyone PM me as I don’t check the forum. But I am in a game right now - looks promising for Caesar. Should be ready for another one soon.

Someone should really get the rights to this game and re print it.

Hey Dave 777: Would you be interested in game of Caesar at Alesia? If not, could you point me to a contact that might?

Vassal is just a tool, it won’t have any rules enforcement at all. That’s your job! ;)

whoever who would like to play Caesar’s Epic Battle of Alesia can PM me :slight_smile: