Calling Unhappy King Charles fans--need some testers

Hey folks

A friend of mine who is a diehard UKC fan mentioned that the module doesn’t offer an option to mask the various brigades to keep the combat strength secret prior to combat. I’m not much of (by that I mean “any sort of…in even the most remote sense”) a module guru, but it seemed like it should be a relatively simple fix.

So, I did a quick and dirty conversion on Royalist/Parliament PC markers to create counter backs (just turned 'em into orange/blue fields with a big red cross on each) and gave the brigades side-specific “flip/mask” capabilities. (The 3 Royalist units that start on-map need to be manually flipped at the start as I don’t know how to set them on the map already flipped) It certainly appears to work, but I’m not particularly familiar with UKC’s gameplay (played it a couple of times and decided it just wasn’t my cuppa).

So, right now, the best I can say is “it does what I expected it to do,” but I’d really like some folks who know something about the game to take a look. I’m looking for some folks who’d be interested in putting the module through its paces (1) to see if my quick solution actually works and (2) to make sure I didn’t somehow completely break something or screw up game play. (Joel Toppen’s modules are generally equivalent to a doctor working with a fully stocked modern surgical kit; my “skills” are more akin to the American Civil War doctor’s reliance on a bottle of whisky and a bone saw to fix everything from a gunshot wound to cases of The Clap. ;) )

I don’t want to upload it here until I know it actually makes things better for UKC fans, so, if interested, hit me with a PM here and I’ll send you a link to download the file via “” (It’s a 10MB file, so just emailing around isn’t a workable option for most…)