Can a piece be shrunk automatically after move?

Say I want to drag a destroyed unit off the play area to a score card area, but I don’t want the piece to remain full sized once it is parked in the score area. Does anyone know of a module that does just that so I could examine the technique used?

I don’t know of one offhand, but if I’m understanding you correctly, something like this should work:

  1. The piece has an inactive layer with the piece’s same base image, just at some reduced size.
  2. You’ll want a map-level option of “Apply this keystroke to all pieces ending movement on this map”
  3. Link that keystroke to a Trigger on your piece, using the name of the score card area in your property match expression (so the trigger only fires when the piece is dropped in the score card area)
  4. Have the trigger activate the layer set up in step 1 above

Another option would be to replace that piece with another, smaller piece.
It works similar to what Joel outlined, but uses replace with other instead
of selecting a different layer.

Would that be visible to the Japanese player too? I don’t want the Japanese player to know when the code is broken and his ships revealed