Can Border Color for Selected Counters be made transparent?

I made a map window with some buttons to trigger dice rolls. I made a immobile game piece with several layers depicting buttons being pressed that correspond to specific dice to be used.

The layers and the action buttons on top of them work fine. But whenever the action button areas are pressed, the entire piece shows a selection border. I don’t need the selection border for this application, and while it doesn’t matter terribly, it WOULD look a lot less distracting without that selection box.

Under the [Map Window] properties is an option for Border Color for Selected Counters, followed by Border Thickness. I have tried selecting Border Color and hitting “Cancel” once the color selection window pops up. When that window closes, the Selection Color is “nil.” But when I hit OK on the [Map Window] properties and then open it back up to look at it again, it resets to the last non-“nil” color selection. If I remember right, transparency works for text labels but it does not seem to work for border selection.

I have tried setting the thickness of the selection border to 0 as well as negative numbers. This has no effect.

I have tried setting the selection color to the background color, but the background has several colors in it, so the border is still visible in places.

Can Vassal be changed to allow for either a transparent selection border or to give an option for selection borders to be used/not used in a given Map Window (either a check box or allowing a zero-thickness border to represent not using borders)?

I think this is an oversight. I have committed a change (Joel- swampwallaby-merge@3030) that disables ColoredBorder if the thickness is set to 0. This will disable all standard selection highlighting if you set the thickness to 0 in the map component. This change should be able to be included in 3.1.0.

You can still use ‘Additional Selection Highlighters’ to add a highlight back to all of the other counters based on a property.


Brent Easton
University of Western Sydney

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