Can existing game modules be updated and uploaded?

Can existing game modules be updated with new maps, counter graphics, etc. and then uploaded to VASSAL? I’m thinking that some classics like AH Afrika Korps need some polishing.

Why not ? As long as you credit the original module designer and don’t feign that it is completely your work, I don’t see any reasons against it.

I updated the De Bellis Vassalus module by myself and added some more functions to it. I tried to contact the original designer but his e-mail address seems to be inactive.
I shared the module with my friends, so we play a unofficial 2.62 version rather than the 2.5 from this website.

This is what I have in mind…

Speaking as one with games posted on the board I see no reason to object as long as credit is given were credit is due. What you might try first though is contacting the original designer and colaborating on the update. Some of us retain images of previous ideas that for some reason or another didn’t make the final cut (original board or prettier homemade graphic). I’m working in conjunction right now as a matter of fact to update 1776 with just such an idea in mind. I say if what I’ve got out there can be improved upon please do so, just don’t forget how to spell my name.