Can Markers type counters be made to 'stick' to a unit

Using prototypes the Air units in the module I’m working on have an option to place a damaged maker on the selected unit. I swear there was an option to make the marker ‘sticky’ so that it stayed with the unit counter. Am I just getting old or is that an option. Thanks.


What you want is the Layer trait, it allows you to toggle various images on top of the unit that become one with it.

The Marker itself uses the layer trait to enable one of four different images to display, the user choose which one. The base unit counter also uses layers to enable a front side and back side. Not sure how I’d use the lay trait to place the marker counter over the unit.

You can use more than one Layer trait on a counter, and the marker will have to become a second Layer trait on the counter with all its images therein.

Here’s an example module doing something I think is similar to what you want, hope it helps.

Beyond this, there is no way to make pieces simply stick to each other, aside from selecting them all at once before moving, or using really tricky move commands to “follow” the other piece around.

Edit: Or of course, there could be stacking. >.< Which completely slipped my mind, but maybe you’ve already explored that option?

Thank you very much. I’ll take a look at it. I never though of more than one layer!