Can we get a short biweekly OR monthly Dev Diary?

I know you guys are all super busy, so I’m not asking for much.

In various threads as things go on upcoming features are mentioned.

It would be awfully nice if perhaps once every 2 weeks, or once a month, one of the Devs could type up a single paragraph on what’s been/being worked on to keep us in the loop?

It needn’t be overly detailed, as the few of us (not me) who’d understand the fine details should probably be assisting with the coding anyhow.

I’m just envisioning something simple for the masses like:

See, if you do this, then the rest of us can cheer you on! And that’s always good for morale, right? :smiley:

Thus spake “Shad”:

I was expecting that we would do this on a page in the new wiki.


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