can you bypass Basic Piece Trait?(chain of segments trouble)

I have a prototype definition for a movement template (attached screenshot) that is basically a chain of segments. Each segment is done with a layer trait, since each segment has 5 discrete states.

What happens to the first one should impact the segments down the chain. Very much a parent/child type of object relationship. For each joint I have a rotate and a pair of pivot traits to effect only the joints further down. (above in the list)


It works right in the viewer for the prototype definition. When I pivot at knuckle 1, segments 1 and 2 rotate and pivot nicely.

When I make a piece and place it on the board and pivot knuckle 1 it doesn’t work as intended. Segments 1 and 2 rotate and pivot, but this time the root segment also pivots. The root segment does not rotate, it maintains the same rotation and shifts around the pivot point.

The only thing I can come up with is that the pivot traits in the prototype, which are placed above the root, so as to only effect its children, are affecting the “basic piece” trait.

Am I placing my traits wrong? Can I set up a way to pivot specific layers by name? Should I approach the parent-child object relationship differently?