Can you change opacity of specific units in a game?

I’m creating an online AAR using Vassal screenshots and was wondering if some units could be faded “on the fly.” This way I could create a copy of a unit, fade it, and put it in the origin space of a move while placing the non faded original unit in the destination. This would make it clear in the picture where a unit started a move and where it ended up.

It’s a long shot, I know, but I had to ask! This could save me a lot of Photoshop work. Thanks!

You can use the Movement Trail trait to show unit movements.

Or you can play with the Invisibility trait to alter opacity of a piece. It will only change for the piece owner (completely invisible to others) but if all you need are screen shots…

What’s an AAR anyway?

AAR = After Action Report
Basically a replay narrative.

Thank you for your replies.

How would I change the visibility of a unit in game? Also, I clicked on movement trail, saw a faint circle over my unit, and then moved it, but didn’t see anything extra after the move. What is movement trail supposed to do? I’d think it would leave a trail of circles to show the move but nothing happened.