Can you give PNG boards a default size in Vassal?

Hi all.
In the Babylon 5 ACTA mod, i want to offer two playing boards at startup.
The default black board, 7200x4800 and a new Starfield board.
Currently if you choose the Starfield board, which is 1200x1200 png, u have to then choose it for each of the rows and columns.
Is there any a way of giving the Starfield board the default 7200x4800 that uses my 1200x1200 Starfield png?

I know i could just change the Starfield png to 7200x4800 but this has a severe effect on rendering time.
Thanks for your help.

try using mapoverlay with png optimized for tileing. have no vassal here atm, will elaborate on that later.

here is a blank module applying this technique

Hi Dab, thanks for your help.
I see how it works.
I’ll try that tonight.

It worked!
I’m delighted.
There is zero slowdown when using the Starfield map now with the default board.
Thanks again Dab. :smiley: