Can you have a default zoom level in a panel of the palette?

I thought I read somewhere that it was possible to have a different default zoom level for the pieces in the palette. I have them displayed in tabbed panels and want one tab which has massive pieces to be zoomed out by default. But when I do a search it says this isn’t possible (as of October last year). Is this now possible?

Palette pieces will always appear at 100% size.

You can get around this by a little trick. You can make the pieces look smaller in the palette by making the base piece image small (for example, thumbnail sized, like 100 pixels), but making a Mask or Layer that is much larger (like, 500 pixels), which is the ‘real’ piece image. Players can draw the piece to the board, then Mask it (or select the larger Layer), and that’s the real image you want to use as a piece. I did this in an earlier version of the Car Wars Deluxe module and it worked ok.