Can you set up a counter to have its image appear in two locations?

I have been developing an “enhanced” version of Third Reich 4th edit by Avalon Hill. One change I made was to replace the drag and drop BRP tokens where you read there value by location with three counters each 0 to 9 that you adjust up and down to read the BRP value < 1 5 0 >.
I’ve decided that it would be useful to have a separate “Card” with each major nations BRP value displayed so Turn Order can be determined with one look instead of having to double check each of the nations cards.
The best I can come up with so far is to clone the counters and then send them to their assigned location on the “Turn Order Card”. This as far as I can see would defeat the purpose of trying to avoid looking at all the “Nation Cards”.
So any suggestions on how to have a counter on a “Nation Card” also appear on a “Turn Order