candidate for 3.1.3

I’d like to release svn5447 as 3.1.3 if it looks ok to everyone:

Bugs fixed:

  • Bug 2721276: Illegal Heap sizes crashing startup
  • Bug 2706019: Too few parameters for socket failure dialog
  • Bug 2703991. Mask dimensions in ADC2 symset files are stupid
  • Bug 2698781: Cannot switch to English if PC Locale is non-English
  • Bug 2680395: Error in Maximum Heap calculation and check
  • Bug 2665174: NPE due to no default UI font
  • Bug 2580669: Module-specific exception classes cannot be logged
  • Bug 2372121: Race condition causes truncated errorLogs in bug reports
  • Bug: 8-bit PNGs with 1-bit alpha have bad transparency
  • Bug: HTML help folders with more than one file cannot be opened
  • Bug: close() on a pipe closed from the other end will throw IOException