candidate for 3.1.4

I’ve uploaded 3.1.4-svn5489, which contains fixes for the following problems:

  • Bug 2731738: Memory test fails on Windows 98, Windows ME
  • Bug 2718948: v3.0+ DoesNotStack trait bug
    • Replace Crtl-Shift-Click Selection filter with Alt-Click selection filter
    • Allow Alt-lasso to select Alt-click selection filter units
    • Allow Ctrl-lasso to deselect Does Not Stack units.
    • Double-click on Does Not Stack units causes selection status to toggle
  • Bug: Bind to loopback ports only to avoid collisions and firewall problems
  • Bug: Module Manager fails to start if port in prefs is already in use
  • Bug: Race condition when setting Module Manager port and key
  • Bug: GUI calls by Module Manager server executed off the EDT
  • Bug: Memory test inaccurate on Linux
  • Bug: Deadlock when Module Manager is closed before children

Other than the DoesNotStack problem, these fall into three categories:

  1. Problems with checking the amount of RAM on the system (new to 3.1.3,
    in order to fix another bug),

  2. Problems with the Module Manager finding a free port to use, and

  3. Problems with threading in the Module Manager.

If all of these fixes work properly, you shouldn’t notice any difference
from normal operation (unless you were having a problem before).

I’d like to release this as 3.1.4 sometime in the next few days; please
give this a look.

The build I’m now proposing as 3.1.4 is 3.1.4-svn5499.

There are two extra debugging features I added, as of this build:

  1. Rather than being assigned a random long as an id, processes are given
    ids which count up from zero. This way, you’ll see smaller (and easier to
    read) numbers identifying processes in the errorLog.

  2. Module Manager threads which exist to handle communication with a Player
    or Editor are now labeled with the id of that child process. This will help
    us identify threads when running in a debugger.

Has anyone had a chance to try svn5499? Should I release it?

I tested the new DoesNotStack trait. I like the Alt Combo restriction. It works fine for me. Though there is a little side effect :slight_smile:

To select multiple game pieces with that trait configured to restrict selection using the Alt combo, you have to use either the Alt+Lasso (works like a charm) or the Alt+Shift+Click combo. And I noticed that on my vista laptop & desktop, the Alt-Shift combo does not change locale to EN/US.

I tried to select one unit with Alt+Shift then check locale in the chat window. Nothing changed. I selected another one, still nothing. Now I did the Alt+Shift combo while the main Vassal Control/chat window had focus and there it changed the locale.

That’s fine by me: it’s as if the fact that the Alt+Shift combo as a special meaning in the map window, the OS does not get to see it (intercepted?). Whereas in the control/chat windows, it has no use and then the OS gets it and changes the locale.

I have yet to check what would happen if my main map windows was “docked” in the control windows instead of being located in a separate window.

I tried to dock my windows by removing the button to hide & show the map window.

Then I tried different stuff: A+S select 1 piece and checking locale by typing characters in the chat windows that would change with local (typically a & q).

A+S click won’t change locale. A+S without any click in the following seconds and it would change locale wether mouse over map or not.

I don’t know if you’ll have more luck than I did to check if there is any consistency to the the “trigger” of this A+S combo changing locale or not within Vassal.

But as it is now, that suits me :slight_smile:

I fixed one more bug:

  • Bug 2696618: ImageSaver fails when map has nonpositive dimensions

So now the release candidate is 3.1.4-svn5503, which I’m uploading now.

I fixed another bug:

  • Bug 2721306: IllegalArgumentException in PanelWidget.getLayout()

This would happen if you tried to add a Panel with < 1 column to a Piece Palette.

Now the release candidate is 3.1.4-svn5506, which I’m uploading now.

Fixed another bug:

  • Bug: Java 1.5 ImageIO fails to load PNGs with iTXt chunks

This problem is kind of insidious, as Macs which have Java 6 still have Java
5 as the default until the user changes it. There was quite a long discussion
at ConsimWorld which led to isolating this bug.

That’s the last bug fix from me for 3.1.4.

Since nobody’s complained, I’m going to release it soon.