Cannot connect to main server

I’ve installed VASSAL for Through the Breach and a pre-alpha playtest environment about which I cannot release any details because I signed a NDA. For some reason I am connected to the P2P network by default and unable to find, let alone connect to, the central server.

I opened port 5050 in both my firewall and router, reinstalled and updated both VASSAL and JAVA and scoured the forums and wiki for anything resembling this issue. Needless to say, I haven’t found anything resembling this.

Tech stuff:
VASSAL 3.2.17
Windows 10
AMD Radeon R7 360
2GB GDDR5 memory
JAVA Version 8 Update 144

Possibly relevant screenshots:

This thread can be closed. I was simply being a turd and trying to switch servers while connected to P2P. After disconnecting from P2P I could switch without problem. Apologies for wasting time.