Cannot create "New Room" in Peer-to-Peer

The “Create” button for a new room in the Active Games list disappears when you shift to Peer-to-Peer Network mode. Therefore, I am unable to start a new game for players to join.
I am using peer-to-peer mode because I am running a closed game outside of the internet. Using the Vassal commercial server is not an option because where I am running the game, there is no commercial internet.
I cannot successfully get players to join a game. The 5050 port is enabled in the firewall and the computers all see each other and a share drive works. So the intranet between computers is working just fine.
I am using Vassal version 3.6.7. I am using a custom game module that is not commercially available, but I have used it running games off of the commercial Vassal server so I know it works fine.
My main question is why is there not a Create button and New Game window to create a game in Peer-to-Peer mode when the instructions right in the chat window say that doing so is exactly what you are supposed to do? If you cannot do that, then you’re running the game in the main room and it says not to. So what to do? Appreciate any help. Thanks!

The instructions in the main window are inaccurate for P2P mode. The reason there is no Create button is that there is only one room in P2P mode; you start a game in the Main Room.

I’ll see about updating the text for 3.6.8.