Cannot get Global Property in Dice Botton

My VASSAL version is 3.2.0 beta2. I add a Global Property “PlayerRole” with value “Batman”.
In Dice Botton, Report Format is “<$PlayerRole$> casts dice = $result$”.
When playing, the console said “<> casts dice = 5”.
Why Global Property cannot be got in Dice Botton?

Just tried it and it worked fine for me. Are you sure that the Global variable PlayerRole actually has a value at the time you are clicking on the DiceButton? Try creating a counter with a text label and set the value of the label to PlayerRole=$PlayerRole$ to confirm the value.

Thanks for replying!
I found why it was not working. “PlayerRole” is a Calculate Property, not a Global Property.
I will try another way to make it be reported in Dice Button.
Things will be easier if “GetProperty()” can work in Dice Button, but it seems not yet.