Can't get Global Key Command to do what I want.

I created a map window that has a chit pull cup [Deck]. Some chits start in the deck. Others are located in an area on the map.

I created a Global Key Command to send those chits to the deck and it works just fine.

I created another one that would take every chit on the map and put it in its correct place: that means some back in the cup and others outside of the cup in their respective areas. if I have removed all chits from the counter/deck, it works just fine: some go back to the cup and others go to their areas. But if they are in the cup (deck), the ones that I don’t want to stay in there will not come out of the deck.

On my Global window, I have Key Command set to CTRL R, which corresponds to some chits “Send to location” trait and others “Return to Deck” trait.

My matching properties line says, “{(type==“Base”)||(type==“German”)||(type==“Armor”)}” because I want base unit, German units, and armor units to go to different locations.

I have the “Apply to counters on this map only?” box checked.

On “Within a Deck, apply to:” field has “All Pieces” selected.

Any idea what I’m missing?


I should add that it works fine at pulling from a deck and sending to an area on another window, just not the same window.