can't get highlighting to work (?)

hi everyone,

I have a main map with a fairly complicated set of weather zones which i would like to highlight with a mostly transparent overlay on top of the map (via a toggle button would be best), but my experiments with even something like an opaque black shaded zone seems to have no effect. here is what i try to do:

i have a Map Window → Map Boards → Board → Multi-zoned Grid → Zone (VP Track) which i enable “Use Highlighting” and enter the Highlight Property “black”.

at the same level as the Zone is a Zone Highlighters folder, in which i create a Zone Highlight named “black” which has Color: black, Coverage: Entire Zone, Style:Plain, Opacity: Opaque.

but when i save this and then start a new game with this new mod version, i see no black coverage of the VP Track zone, which is my guess as to what should be happening.

i have not used highlighting before, so i admittedly have no idea what i’m doing other than trying to follow the instructions in the vassal docs. am i doing something wildly wrong? do i need a more complete specification of the zone highlighter name?

any help would be great.

thanks much,

bruce sears

Hi Bruce,

Use Highlighting: If selected, you must also specify the name of a Property. The value of the property will determine which Zone Highlighter is used to draw the zone.

So, when you clicked on ‘Use Highlighting’, instead of putting in the name of a highlight, you should be entering the name of Property that contains the highlight name (e.g. ‘highlightName’). The best kind of property to use in this case is a Global Property attached to the Zone.

The reasoning behind this is that by defining multiple highlighters, you can control the highlighting applied to a zone on the fly by manipulating the values of the ‘Use Highlighting’ Zone property.


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thanks! that worked…