can't get vassal to properly display its windows and graphic

Hi guys, i have been trying to troubleshoot this thing and nothing is working for me. Basically what ive done is revert to java 6.10 and installed the 3.1 vassal engine. The problem seems to be that its initializing just fine but it isnt overlaying the window displays correctly, instead the frame of the windows come up filled with the display of the windows that are beneath the application and i cant get it to do anything other than this for some reason, thus i cant play my module…any help would be appreciated.

Why did you revert to Java 6 revision 10? My first guess is that revision 11 wasn’t completely uninstalled and that there’s some sort of conflict happening. Revision 11 did something new with graphics on Windows. First thing to check is whether anything else runs properly under Java.

Second thing to do is to try to wipe out Java completely and start from scratch. If that doesn’t work, reinstall revision 11, and try to wipe that out thoroughly and reinstall revision 10.

Someone else might have a better suggestion…

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