Can't Rejoin My Game as My Side

I am running a Mac OS X.10 and Vassal 3.2.11 and Amateurs to Arms module 1.4.5

I started at game as the US on my old powerbook. I upgraded to a new powerbook. I reloaded vassal and the module. When I open up the module it only permits me to view a continuation of the game as a solo player or observer. If I start a new game and then try to load the first move file every thing works fine except for the cards. No cards are dealt or play as I load the move file. Suggestions?

I can’t speak to the cards not being dealt or moving when you replay a log, but when you aren’t placed in the correct side and it’s unavailable for selection, it means whatever module password you entered when you opened this module on your new Powerbook for the first time differs from the module password you were using on your old Powerbook.

When I delete the module and download a new copy it doesn’t ask for a password when I open it. Is there something I can do to cause the password prompt to happen again?

You’ll have to navigate into your personal VASSAL preferences folder. On MacOS, this is ~/Library/Application Support/VASSAL/prefs/ (note that the ~ character equates to the location of your home directory–so for example your username was “mick”, that would be /Users/mick. Apologies if this is being pedantic but I’m not sure of your level of familiarity with Unix conventions)

Once you are in your VASSAL preferences folder, there will be a series of files named according to the modules you use. Find the file corresponding to the module in question and trash it. The next time you launch VASSAL and open this module, it should do all the image tiling and then present you with the prompt to choose your name and module password. Remember that the name can be anything you want–for locking yourself to a side, only the password matters.

Thank you that did the trick! And in fact, I am unfamiliar with Unix conventions so thanks for the extra explanation.