Can't see the whole deck with mouse-over


I’ve got this Deck with several Cards. Cards have no traits but Basic Piece, to give them an image and name.

The Deck is in a Player Hand, and I would like the owner to be able to see every card he’s got inmediatly.

So far, i’ve just managed to zoom the first card of the Deck, marking the “Include top piece in deck” check-box in the Mouse Over stack viewer dialog.

Is it possible to zoom every card in player hand?

Also, I could give every card a numeric marker (say: Marker - valor=x) where x is a number from 1 to 10. With “summary text above pieces” set to $sum(valor)$. It would do the trick if I could see the sum of every cards’ valor, but I can just see the “valor” of the top-most one.

The Private Hand is a specialized Map Window that automatically causes new pieces to each be spread out into their own stacks, each 1 piece tall.(Which I think is why your sum(valor) function isn’t working–it presumes the stacks are only 1 piece high). Private Hands are ideal for some card games, but the tradeoff is that they don’t handle stacks so well.

You might want to try your card setup with a different Map Window type–such the standard Map Window or Private Window, and see if that gives the results you want.