Can't upgrade VASSAL on Mac OS

OS: Mac OS 10.13.6
Memory: 16GB
VASSAL: 3.7.8

I am using Vassal 3.7.8. When I tried to upgrade to 3.7.12 Vassal would not work. When I try to launch it I get “Vassal unexpectedly quit”.
The same thing happened when I tried to upgrade to 3.7.10.

I went back to 3.7.8 and it works fine but I would like to upgrade. Any ideas?

MacOS 10.13 is quite old at this point. The version of Java bundled with our Mac packages probably requires something newer.

You could either upgrade to a newer version of MacOS or install a version of Java which works for you and use the package marked “other” instead of the one specifically for MacOS.

Thank you for the reply and ideas!