Capturing a move-piece event

I would like to be able to do something with a piece when it’s moved from one board to another - such as from a player hand to a main board. I just want to place a marker or set an image on it or set some text on it that indicates WHO moved the piece. I can see that the report action successfully captures this move event, printing text to the output window. How do I capture it, and do something besides print text?

In the map window properties where the piece will be moved, there’s the option:

“Key command to apply to all units ending movement on this map”

Place a command key in there like: TagOwner

You can then put a Text Label trait on the pieces to display…

Text - $PlayerSide$
Keyboard Command - TagOwner

This will allow the TagOwner trigger to fire when the piece is moved to the board and the piece will display the name of the player side that moved it there.

Thanks VERY much for your reply! I will give that a try. I’m just a novice at this with a lot to learn.