Car Wars - Amateur Night event

On January 19, starting at 23:00 EST, I’ll be running an Amateur Night event for Car Wars live on Vassal. I have room for two or three more players. Sign up before it’s too late.

What you’ll need:

  • Vassal 2.9
  • A copy of the Car Wars rules. I’ll be using the “Classic” 4th edition, the last small box. They’re a sub-set of the Car Wars Compendium, so if you have that, then you’re ready. If you have an older edition, you can probably get by. Just keep in mind that the referee is always right.
  • “CW 1.0.mod” by JC Locke, available (for now) only from The Newfoundland Autoduel Association’s Yahoo Group
  • FLAC.mdx” by myself. An extension with the map of the FCLife Autoduel Centre, and notes (found in the help menu) on the arena, including the car to used for the event. This extension must be placed in a directory called “CW 1.0_Ext”, a sub-directory of wherever “CW 1.0.mod” is.

Though not strictly necessary, I’ll be using the free VOIP program “Ventrilo” to help move things along a little faster. Thanks to the magic of dynamic IP addresses (me, sarcastic? nah) the address for the Ventrilo server to be run will be announced in the game’s chat area.

I think that covers it, but if you have any questions, ask away.

Keep driving offensively,

Sounds like fun, I’d like to take part, but I haven’t played Car Wars for ages. Will VASSAL 3.0 will be no good? I can’t Ventrilo as there’s no Linux client yet.

The mod and extensions are for 2.9. (Did I forget to mention the extensions? You probably ought to download all those too, though I have trouble imagining that folks wouldn’t automatically do that.)

There has been some work done on upgrading the mod to 3.0 compliance but the author, JC Locke, is sticking with 2.9 for a few reasons for now. Good thing, too. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to play, for reasons I’ve explained elsewhere on these forums.

I wouldn’t worry overmuch on the Ventrilo thing. I expect there will still be plenty of type-chat happening. I just want to grease the wheels a little, 'cause it’s gonna be a long night.

So, is you in or is you ain’t?

Thus spake “Glenn Jupp”:

Did you try what I suggested?

Do you know what the reasons are that the Car Wars mod author is sticking
with 2.9?


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Okay, I’m in (not thrilled about having to install another version of VASSAL, but I’ll do it). I don’t have the Car Wars Compendium with me, but I’ll manage somehow.

That’s great, meng. And that makes four entrants, enough to qualify for World Autoduel Association points.

Two entry spots remain.

Oh, I forgot to mention in the arena notes: the amateur night car has a front-end power plant, the MicroMissile Launcher fires forward, and the SpikeDropper is on the back end.

And on the technical side…

Haven’t followed your suggestions yet. Other stuff going on. I’ll give it a go tonight.

From what I gather, JC is holding to 2.9 for now because:
a) He started writing the mod when 2.9 was the current version and he doesn’t want to start all over again just yet. Besides, the mod is still a work in progress, and JC is still learning things about making mods. For now, he wants to keep the base mod lean, and experiment through extensions. When it’s fine tuned to perfection, he’ll redo it as one big mod, maybe for 3.X (see point “c”).
b) As with myself, JC is running a system kitbashed from last-gen bits and pieces, and wants to take things easy on the poor 'puter.
c) A natural aversion to anything version X.0. When some more of the proposed v3.X features are in and stable, then he’ll upgrade. For now, 2.9 is quite good enough.

Or something like that.

Thus spake “Glenn Jupp”:

There’d be no need to start over again—modules made with 2.9 which aren’t
immediately loadable in 3.0 can usually be made so with only minor changes.

There’s pretty much no difference in resource usage between 2.9 and 3.0.
3.1, for which we’ll be releasing the first beta soon, is much less
resource-intensive than 3.0 or 2.9.

I’ll have to remember that, so that someday we can skip 4.0 and release
4.1. :slight_smile:


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Hello everyone, (Minor thread jacking)

First time poster here…

Noticed you guys were talking about my mod…

I just wanted to chime in and say that, at some point I do plan on updating it to 3.0 (I would like to do it sooner) then later.

One of the major reasons why I have not yet, is that I cant seem to get a handle on how to update the mod and the extensions??

A person went ahead and updated the main mod to 3.0 for me, but never told me how he did it (maybe he did, but I never really understood it) but I cant seem to figure out how to Update my other extensions…

If someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction as to how to update EXT’s, that would be super :slight_smile:

JC Locke

Thus spake “JC Locke”:

Probably the easiest way to do this is if you tell us what happens now if
you try to load them in 3.0.


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Usually, a module is incompatible because it uses custom Java code, but the underlying VASSAL code has changed between versions. We will try to do a better job in the future to make the code backward compatible.

Fortunately, most of the custom Java code in use is for features that have since been incorporated into the core VASSAL engine, such as the TurnTracker. In that case, making the module compatible is just as simple as deleting the custom component and reconstructing it using the standard component in the new VASSAL version.


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I’m going to have to change my mind and opt out of this game. While signing up for a user account at sjgames doesn’t seem like a particularly arduous requirement in order to download the module, I’m not keen on creating yet another account I don’t really need. Furthermore, I don’t see how this requirement is at all relevant to S J Games’ policies regarding copyright as outlined on their online policy page.

Bottom line, though, is that if I have to think twice about enjoying a game that I own that has long since passed its heyday, then there’s no dilemma, I’ll just move on and enjoy another game that I own where I don’t have to worry about this rubbish.


Dont worry about the SJGames log in. I really need to change that. Thats How I was first keeping track of all the players as a common place to go.

Just log in sign onto the groups page, let me know its you… and ill add ya.

JC Locke

Okay, thanks.

Hey there

You are in the group :slight_smile: if you got any questions at all, feel free to ask,

Hope to see you on Saturday,


Have been trying to get the module and extension to work this afternoon. The module itself seems to work fine, but I can’t start a game in the FCLife Autoduel Centre, despite having the FLAC.mdx extension, and I can’t find notes about the arena/car. Any tips?

Hi guys.

A couple of comments about your module. I suggest you synchronise your file-naming with the module version.

On you have “CW 3.0” but the File is being saved as “”. And when you open the module it is called “CWC 1.10”!

They should all be the same otherwise users will think there are multiple CW modules created by different users.


I will do that.

Just got to figure out how to update the extensions to go along with it

Great game, great turn out. Thanks all. Full action report on blog.

I’m still sleepy…