Carcassonne network game

My GF and I used to play networked carcassonne a lot on an older version of vassal (and an older version of carcassonne mod). now, we can’t get it to work online.

If we create a new game room and join it, we can see each other and exchange messages. To see the board, both of us have to do “new game”. Then we have a shared board and we can see the tiles each other put down. BUT we each have our own set of tiles. When I drag a tile from my tiles window onto the board, my tile count goes down, but hers does not.

If we use expansion set tiles (like the River, for example), then we each have a full set of the tiles. If I drag the spring onto the board, she still has a copy of the spring in her River Tiles window.

What are we doing wrong?


Offhand it sounds like you haven’t syncronized with the other player.
Are you making sure you do that first?

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I’m not sure what it means to synchronize with the other player, or how to do it.

Googling around, I found this link: … ystep.html
that mentions synchronizing with another player. But I’ll point out that this isn’t mentioned anywhere in either the Vassal docs or or the Carcassonne mod docs. Also, I’m sure we didn’t have to do this when we were playing in Vassal 2.x. How are new players suppossed to figure this out?

If we get it working, I will try to spend a little time updating the docs wiki.

I think the way to play online is,

  1. create a new room
  2. one person starts a “new game”
  3. the other player right-click’s on the first player and chooses the
    option “synchronize”

I am pretty sure this procedure was always needed.

Follow those steps and let us know if it works.



On Sat, Apr 12, 2008 at 11:58 AM, IdahoEv wrote:

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Caught again!

The fact that multiple people can create new games in a single game room is a problem.

I think we need to tie the game controls in with the room status somehow.

Perhaps, the first person to create/load a game in a room becomes the ‘Owner’ of that room. Or perhaps better would be that the person who creates the room is the ‘Owner’ and they are the only person allowed to create/load game, everyone else has to Synchronize and make the Synchronize funciton FAR more obvious

‘Owner’ priviledges:-

  • Can create/load a game
  • Lock/unlock room
  • Kick players out of room
  • ?


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On 12/04/2008 at 12:41 PM Tim Byrne wrote:

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What would happen in the case of where the game being played is moving back and forth between PBEM log files and live play?

If the owner of the room is not the current turn’s player, the current player would not be able to load their last moves when they go live and this might not be obvious (if you follow what I mean)

Would you not also have to extend Ownership somehow to PBEM logfiles in case of this (rare) instance occuring to keep it obvious?

Wouldn’t the current turn’s player just be the one who creates the room?


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