Card acting weird

Ok. So I am working on putting together an Alhambra module. I have 4 “decks” and 4 buttons drawing cards from another deck into these other decks. The first three work fine, but the fourth deck, no matter what I try pulls the card in flipped. It’s soooo aggravating. Can someone look at it for me? Here is the file.

I’ve found your problem, the deck and cards are actually acting just fine, but you are attempting to move them into the decks using Send To Location traits. Though the first three are spot on, the fourth one is missing the target, and the cards are not actually in deck 4, they’re being stacked just a nudge outside of it.

Better and easier to use the Return To Deck trait, which I’ve gone and replaced the Send To Location traits with, here is the altered version, hope you don’t mind: … ra1.1.vmod

The 4th deck is working as intended now.

Also a small tip, you can use string key commands instead of actual keys, like replacing CTRL ALT SHIFT 6 with Send To Deck 4, or Go there naowz!, or pretty much anything that doesn’t include apostrophes, dashes, or any other symbols. I find it to be easier and helps me keep track of what the key command actually does, and keeps it from being repeated accidentally.

Thank you so much! I had no idea that you could use actual wording instead of key strokes. That’s really awesome for hidden functions you dont want someone to accidentally or purposely activating. Thanks!

Yes, I was going to suggest using Named Keystrokes as well. You can drive yourself completely bonkers with all the Ctrl-, Alt-, Ctrl-Alt-, Ctrl-Shift, etc combinations.