Card and Deck questions

Is there a way to generate a report when someone draws a card?

When cards are placed in a player hand which is “Visible to All Players”, is there a way to make it so the owning player can flip the cards without the other players being able to see it?


Yes to all

Use a mask on the cards with transparent image. Player that owns the card can see what it is but non owning players only see the back of card - do not need to flip the card

Report - use the auto report in the Player hand window for pieces that move to this window or you may alternatively use a report trait and link it with a key command that executes when card is drawn to player hand

MadSeason wrote:

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Thanks! I’ll try these in the morning and see if I can make them work.

I hope it’s not poor forum etiquette to reply to this thread when it’s already a couple weeks old, but I have the exact same question and Tim, I think I’m implementing your solution incorrectly.

I wish to find a way for players to draw cards to their hands so that others cannot see them, but the owner can view them without having to always ‘select’ them all.

That is, with a single typical card mask (showing the back of the card) and displaying the card ‘Plain’ and setting no Peek shortcut, if a user draws a card, as long as the card is selected, the user can see the value (and it’s obviously masked from the other users), but as soon as the user unselects the card, it masks. Ideally, the cards would remain always visible to the user, but not to the opponents, and I can’t seem to figure out how to do this seemingly simple task (think, poker)

I tried your fix above, that is, changing the mask graphic from the card back to a transparent image, but that didn’t do anything except make the card totally transparent until I selected it. (which makes sense once I think about it). I thought maybe you meant I need to add an additional mask, but that doesn’t sound right either.

The casual way you described it made me think it was a simple fix, but I can’t seem to figure it out. Could you elaborate a bit, please?

Thank you

Try one of the other display options (inset or border). Both of these show the front face of the card to the owner at all times until un-masked.


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Thanks rk,

I tried that, and it looked exactly what I wanted, but when I tested it, I started a new game as player 1, drew a hand of cards, then retired and switched to player 2. As player 2 I could see the inset images of player 1.

I haven’t yet tested this with my development partners, so maybe this is just a side-effect of switching mid-game while testing.

I suspect so. There’s an option in the Mask properties that controls whether the piece belongs to a player or a side. If you choose “player” then the piece is visible to you regardless of what side you play (i.e. it’s tied to your password). If you select “side” then it will change visibility when you change sides.


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That was the problem. It was set to ‘any player’. Once I set it to ‘any side’ everything behaved as expected.

Thanks again