Card Deck drawing / Card using questions

Hi all vassals,

I am not sure if these questions were already asked/answered, so please point me anywhere else if needed.

Can Vassal handle this:

  1. drawing an amount of cards, selecting some of them and discarding the rest in such a way, that could be transparent to the other player(s)? Of course without seeing the cards, but so that the drawing player cannot cheat and select cards from his hand to discard instead of only from those that he just drew?

  2. can cards be put on the table face-down to be hidden from others?

  3. can cards from 2) be put on top of other cards on the table?

If this looks remotely familiar, yes, I am talking of a possibility to create a Race for the Galaxy deck for Vassal (without discussing the copyright etc. material now).

Hi Joe,

1a. The number of cards drawn is an option when you create the deck.Open the deck its near the top.Then open a new game and right click on deck it should give option to set number of cards drawn.Then drag cards to hand or some board.
The reporting of actions are setup on a map and are at the botton of map properties window. b.Use mask trait for the cards. So yes all can be done!

I’m not big on typing out long explanations so If you’ll call me using Skype(voice free program.Do a search for Jab5450.) and I’ll walk you through the processl