Card Flipping

It seems only the player who has drawn a card from the deck can flip it over. I’m not sure whether that’s how Vassal handles cards normally, or a problem of the specific module. Only once the card gets flipped by whoever has drawn it, the option becomes available to everyone.

Is there a way to make everyone able to flip cards, regardless of who draws them?

Uh, ok, I’ve managed to figure it out on my own. That’s funny how I tried everything but the “any of the specific sides” option :blush:

Still, it’s a shame the editor requires specifying sides manually every time, rather than just let one pick from all the sides in the module. Fixing my module will be rather tedious :confused:

That’s why using prototypes is a good design practice for module
If a prototype had been used, you would only need to modify the
prototype that is part of every card.

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Oh, I rely on prototypes a lot. I still had to fix quite a lot of those, however, due to a large number of different types of cards across the module and its various extensions. I don’t suppose this could have been done more efficiently - it’s all about different back designs, so a single masking prototype wouldn’t do.

Fortunately, I’ve managed to skip some work by editing buildFile directly and copy-pasting sides. I’m always working blindly with that, though, and I’m never 100% sure what I’m doing.