Cards disappear when in deck?

Hi all,

this is my first try to realize a module with VASSAL (great engine btw), and I choose Dominion to be the ideal candidate.

The module is almost complete, the only last problem I am facing is that I need each player to have 2 decks for him/herself, one is the main deck, another is the discard pile.

The main deck is made in-game by adding various cards taken from a number of other decks chosen at startup; I did this using a number of At-Start Stacks that are chosen at the beginning of the game.

The problem is that whenever I try to add one or more cards to the deck, both the card AND the deck outline disappear, and there is no way to make them appear again.
I have tried converting the At-Start Stacks to Decks, I tried putting the deck into the player hand, but to no avail.

What am I doing wrong?


It’s a little difficult to tell you what to change, since deck behavior can be written in many different ways. It may be easier to help if you post a copy of the module as an attachment and someone can take a look at how you’ve written it.

Knowing Dominion, I would say you probably want to use decks instead of At-Start stacks. Each of the money cards, action cards, etc. should be a separate deck. You can also define decks in each player’s window (a draw deck and a discard deck) and it should do what you want.

There is a very common problem that reoccurs again and again with masked pieces, of which cards are one. The mod designer forgets or does not know that he must provide a backside image for the piece or card. I don’t know if this is your problem, but I suspect it might be.

For masked pieces, you must edit the piece and examine the masked trait. You must provide an image for the reverse side of the card/piece. In your case, you would need an image of the back side of a Dominion card (ideally, the same dimension as the card face image), which you specify in the mask trait. You can also specify how a facedown card appears to the player who owns the card.

If you omit the card back image in mask, then when the card is flipped over (as it happens when it goes to a deck), it disappears.

It has occurred to me that this might be a handy way to make disappearing pieces.

That’s it!
No wonder I didn’t understand why the Mask trait has one “View when masked” and a “Display style” properties… I only set the Display style but didn’t know about the other one… now it works like a charm.

I only hope Rio Grande will let me publish it… I’ll keep you informed

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Added to the FAQ.
Thanks for a great answer.

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