Cards (units) in inventory

Okay, F&E 2.0 module again:

There are Admirals in the game with hidden ability scores. These are drawn randomly out of a pool, and the ability gets revealed later when used. Pretty standard: make a deck of the pieces with all the possibilities, use mask and keep them unrevealed.

But, I’ve also got an inventory window. I’ve managed to get it to only report these pieces when they are not in the deck (and are therefore a valid in-play piece in the game). But, it always reports the unmasked name in the inventory, even while the piece is masked. How do I fix that?

One way of controlling what is viewed in inventory is to have a GENERIC image as the primary image for a piece.

Then have a LAYER where the 2nd image is the piece itself - so only when that layer is activated (increased) is the unit known. (possibly when the piece is deployed on the main map) All the while the piece is still masked if need be so only the controlling player knows the identity of the piece.

Just an idea and may not be directly applicable to your situation…

I’ve been thinking I’ll have to do that, even though I really shouldn’t need to. I’ll also have to have some extra triggers in there to make sure it all goes right, since, while masked, no one should know what the piece really is.