[Cataclysm] Can you rearrange the boards to be side-by-side?

I am preparing to play Cataclysm with my gaming group using the fine VASSAL module. We intend to use the scenario C1 (1933).

It looks like the board are layed out vertically (i.e., Europe on top, Pacific on the bottom). I’m wondering if there is a way to realign the boards such that Europe is to the left, and the Pacific to the right?

The ways I could think of to do it:
[1] Load the C1 scenario, then change the board layout.

I couldn’t find a VASSAL menu option or right-click option to do this.

[2] Edit the C1.vsav module to change the board layout (i.e., replace the board rows with 2 columns)

Is there a .vsav editor? It looked from my limited research that it is a proprietary format (vs. xml or something)?

[3] Create a new empty scenario with the alternate board layout, add the pieces, save the game, and create a scenario from that.

Possible, just tedious.

Thanks in advance for any help / advice (above and beyond living with it, which I can totally do).

(Yes, I have a bit of time on my hands and this is a great excuse to figure out module development/tweaking)

Have you tried unchecking the box in preferences for “Use Combined Application Window”. Depending on how the mod is made, that may give you a separate window for each map. You can then manually lie them side to side.