Caucasus Campaign, PGG, WaW

Looking for a PBEM game of either The Caucasus Campaign, Panzergruppe Guderian, or World at War (base+Death of the 1st Panzer). I have not played these yet (except for WaW once, a while ago), but I’m a veteran wargamer. I’d like a pace of around 1 log/day. Thanks!

Hello vialy, I will be glad to play PGG with you. I have already play it on board game a long time ago, but never play it by PBEM. Ok to play 1 log/day.
See you soon

PM sent!

I would be interested in Caucasas Campaign I presume this is the GMT game. Contact me at to discuss sides, etc.

Anyone looking for opponent to TCC write to me (GMT +1)

Hi maciunia, I have enough games going for now, I hope you find another opponent!


Would anyone on this forum be interested by
a game of Panzergruppe Guderian.
If so, just send me a private message for further details

Best regards

Just played Caucasus Campaign for first time week ago. Great game. Will play it again, this time like to be axis. Got destroyed as Soviets :frowning: Don’t think I good with Soviets in many games.