Cave Evil module update - how to upload?

I’ve updated the module for Cave Evil with four new maps from the sequel, Cave Evil: Warcults and a few other smaller changes.
I have permission from the designer and publisher, who kindly gave me the original artwork to do this.
I would like to upload it to the original module page so others can use it rather than creating a whole new page but can’t figure out how to do this. Have not had a response yet from the original module designer in the discussion page.
Any suggestions what to do next?

  1. Click “Modules” at the top
  2. Click “Upload File” at the left
  3. Use the select-file to browse to your module on your hard drive, type an appropriate description and upload.
  4. Now you must “Await Moderation” – You can go to to look for your file when it clears moderation (usually happens within the day, but occasionally 2 days, in my experience)
  5. Now your file is on the Vassal site, but is not linked yet.
  6. So go to the wiki page for your module (
  7. Click the link at the top to edit the page.
  8. Don’t remove the link to the earlier version - instead, add just above it a NEW entry for your NEW version. Use the same filename that you uploaded with, of course.
  9. The module pages often have a section for comments about what changes are made in new versions, etc - you can add some of those.
  10. Save your wiki edits.
  11. Now your EDITS must await moderation. After a similar period, they too will be live.