CC:M .vdmx file does not exist?


Here is basic information

MacBook Pro
OS 10.6.5
Vassal 3.1.15
CC:Europe - 2.1

CC:E basic module is working fine, but now I am trying to add CC:M extension to my CC:E for Vassal. I have gone to GMT Webpage and downloaded the Extension 2.1 for CC:M.

The file is zipped and I unzip and place it in my CC:E folder with the _ext added to the folder. (I understand this is not required as the extension can be managed in the Module Window). When I unzip the file there is no .vmdx file to point to and load for CC:E. The unzipped file contains the following files

buildFile - Unix Executable File
extensiondata - Unix Executable File
images - Folder
moduledata - Unix Executable File
terrainMaps - Folder

I am not sure if I am missing something, but I have searched these forums and the internet at length and cannot find an answer.

Any help is appreciated and if more detailed information is required please let me know.


Both modules and extension files are actually zip files. To confuse the issue, sometimes modules and extensions are themselves zipped, in effect zipping a zip file.

Turns out the native Archive Utility on Mac OS X is very aggressive when it comes to zip files, so what happens is, it unzips the outer zip file (the .zip), finds the zip file inside (the extension or module) and then unzips that, leaving you with what you have now: a BuildFile, an images folder and various other bits.

Short of it is, if you download a zipped module or extension, try using StuffIt Expander instead of the Archive Utility to unzip it. If done correctly it will just unzip the outer file, and you’ll end up with the .vmdx file inside it. (the extension).

Awesome, thanks a ton it worked perfectly I appreciate the help.