CGSEventRecord exception with High Sierra

So, I’ve recently updated my macbook to High Sierra. Since then, I get an uncaught exception with basically any module, which is apparently due to the use of a deprecated java method. Here’s the relevant part of the log:

The error is basically harmless, every module works fine after the exception. I understand this is a common issue when using older java-based software with High Sierra, for example: … ra-10-13-1

Any chance this might be fixed in a future update? It looks like the error log is providing the correct method to use, as I highlighted in bold.

Mmmmmh I’m no Java expert but, upon closer inspection, I understand that this is an Apple thing and there’s no immediate solution to be implemented in Vassal.
Still, if anyone having faced the same issue could point me e.g. to a safe java version to use with Vassal, I’d be very grateful!