change at SourceForge broke automatic bug reporting

A change at SourceForge over the weekend broke automatic bug reporting,
in that it’s no longer possible to upload errorLogs with 3.1.0-beta3.
This makes many bug reports useless, since in a lot of cases the only
information we were being given was the errorLog.

After two hours of detective work, I’ve found no way to make SF take
our errorLogs via the automatic reporter, and so I’m giving up. This
is yet another reason why we need our own bug tracker, as then we can
be sure it won’t change out from under us.

To collect automatic bug reports in the meantime, since we can’t dump
them into SF automatically, I wrote a 7-line PHP script which is able
to collect bug reports and email them somewhere. This is also far from
ideal, since it doesn’t provide any way of tracking the bugs, but is
better in terms of interface, since VASSAL will be talking with something
stable this way, regardless of what it does under the hood.

I’ll put this into the trunk if nobody objects, so we can get it into

Thus spake “uckelman”:

Followup: This seems to be a SF-wide problem. It’s also not possible to
manually attach a file to a bug report right now, so I think this problem
will be resolved by the SF people at some point: … tid=200001 … tid=200001 … tid=200001

In any case, that doesn’t change anything w/r/t having our own bug tracker,
nor having VASSAL talk with a script of our making rather than the bug
tracker directly.


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