Change in save file permissions in 3.4.4 for linux

Hi all,
I use Resilio Sync to copy my save files between my computers. I noticed that Sync was not copying recent saves from my linux laptop. Turns out, the save files only have owner read and write permissions, with nothing else. The way Sync runs on linux requires group read and write access. I went through recent versions of VASSAL, and the change first appears in 3.4.4. In 3.4.3 and earlier versions, the save files had owner read and write, group read and write, and other read access.

Does anyone know if this was an intentional change? I am working around by just changing permissions on the save files after a game, but I am curious if there was an issue with the prior permissions settings.


This was not an intentional change. It was broken by some of the workarounds we applied for dealing with unwritable files. It will be fixed in 3.5.0.

Thanks for the update (and future fix). In the meantime, I made a workaround by adding some lines to to change permissions on exit.