Change PropertyMarker During Game?

Is there a way to change the PropertyMarker of a piece during a game using a command on the right click menu/keyboard shortcut?

I’d like to move a piece from one layer to another

Although normally if you want a “Marker” that changes value you can just turn it into a DynamicProperty with the same name (and then change the value of that), unfortunately this will NOT produce the desired effect if you’re using it for Layer Control – although the documentation implies it should work, it in fact does not.

What about with a custom class?

How about using “replaceWithOther”? I can see one issue. Would you be able to copy all the traits across. But with prototypes that might be doable.

Yeah Replace-with-Other is probably the closest viable solution. You’d have to copy any internal data (e.g. dynamic properties) temporarily to Global Properties, and then your apply-on-placement keystroke would tell your new piece to copy in the data.

The problem with the custom class route (other than the usual caveats) is the internals of the Vassal system aren’t set up to handle a dynamically changing layer for a piece – so you’d have to be overriding all sorts of stuff, and it would likely be complicated “core functionality” stuff.