change text during game / dynamic card information

hi i’m just starting out with VASSAL so i’m sorry if this is totally unfeasible or has been answered before:

Can any body tell me if there is a way to edit or change text (labels?) on cards or pieces during a game?
The module i’m creating would hopefully involve very dynamic cards that can change name / “status” / description etc as you play

If not does any body have any other thoughts on how to achieve this idea of cards that can have information changed by players during a game - I have experimented with placing micro modifier ‘cards’ on top of a base card to indicate simple low level changes but haven’t had much luck understanding the layering system for vassal

If any body has any ideas I would be very appreciative - thanks

problem solved - it’s all handled through the text labels … if anyone else is very new and looking for some guidance this is pretty solid : … rguide.pdf

Is there any way to make the text labels more of a text box that you can fill up around set dimensions?