Change value of GP in Player Hand

Hello, I have a problem with my game……….
in my game each player has a Player Hand called P1Hand restricted and another one called P1Bank visible to everyone.

Example for Player 1:

  • On the P1Bank window there is an At-Start Stack with Text Label that show the value of the global property TmoneyP1 (total money for Player 1) and a Set Global Property to let player increase or decrease its value by 1 million (ALT A get +1 million and ALT D get -1 million)
  • On Main Board there are cards that let players gain money.

What I need to do is:
When a player takes one of these cards (suppose Player 1 and card value = 1 million) the card is deleted and TmoneyP1 increased by 1 million.


So for the card you want to give the player 1 million, you’d add a “Set Global Property” trait in which you set the Global Property name to be TmoneyP1. Check the “is numeric” box. And then give it some setting traits e.g. one to increment by 1 million (or increment by “1” if a million is the minimum unit of money in your game and you aren’t actually meaning to track 1000000 around everywhere).

THAT much will give the card a function if you right-click the card, to add the million. If you then want a single function to “play the card, and get a million dollars”, then remove the “Command name” from the set-global-property trait above. Now add a “Trigger” trait to your card and make it’s command name be something like “Play Card for 1 million” and give it a Keystroke of some kind. Under the list of keystrokes to perform, put: (1) the keystroke for your SetGlobalProperty trait above, and (2) the keystroke for Discarding or deleting the card (if you don’t have one, you can add a “Return to Deck” trait that nominates your discard pile as the place for the card to go when done. Or in theory you could add a “Delete”, but most games with cards you don’t want to actually delete the card where the players can’t easily get it back). You could also add a “Report” function that lets everyone know that a card just got played for X amount of money.

Now you have a keystroke for the card (and a right-click menu option) which will perform the whole function of playing the card, getting the million, and discarding/deleting the card.

Hopefully that gets you started!

Problem solved :smiley:

Thank you, really appreciate your help!!! :wink: